Best Credit Cards for Reward Miles


The Advantages Of Travel Rewards Credit Cards

Most people, if given the opportunity, love to travel. With the economy in turmoil, gas prices rising, and wages falling, it can be difficult to budget in that vacation getaway. Discount websites, off season specials, and a good travel rewards credit card can help. Combine all three, and a vacation trip becomes much more affordable than you might think. In order to get the most bang for your buck, some careful planning, and an understanding of how your rewards work are in order.

Encouraging Brand Loyalty

Travel rewards credit cards typically work by encouraging loyalty to a particular brand. Depending on the brand, the savings could become a moot point. For example, if your card builds airline miles for a particular airline, and that airline is the most expensive of its peers, the discount on the fare could bring you even with competitors. The end result is that the credit card miles really don’t get you anything. The same concept applies to hotel points, or car rental points. The key is to make sure you pick a card that will help you take advantage of discount pricing options under retail, not to pay what everyone else pays. Understand the benefits of your card, and how you can use those benefits so that there are no surprises when it comes time to book travel.

Beware of Black Out Dates

Often times with airline miles, hotel, or car rental points, there are restrictions on when you can use your points. Make certain you understand exactly when and how you can use your points so that you can plan your vacation accordingly. Ask the card issuer questions before you sign up, and before you begin charging up a storm towards your dream vacation.

Read the Fine Print

Annual fees and interest rates can often times negate the purpose of accruing points on your travel rewards credit card. The best cards are ones with no annual fees and low interest rates. The point is to reward the consumer for their purchases, not reward the credit card issuer. Read the specific terms of your card carefully.

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