Europe travel tips


Europe is a vast country and is also one of the world’s most famous tourist destinations. Popular cities in Europe include London, Madrid, Rome, Venice, Milan, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Munich, Vienna, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Berlin, Prague, Brussels and Florence. Discussed below are some Europe travel tips that would come in handy to any tourist planning a trip to Europe. Don’t travel to Europe alone. Find a beautiful partner. Visit our list of dating websites and find that special person to share your European tour.
Europe travel tips

If you are planning on a budget European travel, consider going there during the off-season months of October to April.

Traveling during the off-season months will allow a tourist save up on his air fare and hotel charges
When in Europe be sure to buy a guide book. Guidebooks are cheap and will help you save lots of money at time same time providing much needed information

Traveler’s cheques are good but ATM’s are better. Make use of ATM’s instead of Traveler’s cheques wherever possible
Most cities in Europe have good bus and train facilities. Be sure to have proper bus and train routes once there
Make sure to book hotels in advance and do some research for special discounts from online hotel reservation websites.

Most European airways offer air passes. Air passes are cheap and help the traveler visit more places at a lesser cost. Be sure to get them

So follow this simple budget travel Europe travel tips and have a great vacation in Europe.

Norway travel tips

Norway is regarded as Europe’s park land and is a famous tourist destination. Tourists flock to Norway all year round to enjoy the scenic beauty of this country. It presents tourists with scenic landscapes, tidy cities, historical monuments, historical buildings, beautiful forests, mountains and seas. Norway is a great tourist destination in terms of hotels, shopping and food with richness of scenic beauty. Discussed below are a few Norway travel tips that will come in handy to any traveler who is planning a tour to Norway.

  • Elks are common in Norway and are fearless creatures that run around on road catching the careless driver almost unawares. So be careful while driving down south and east of the country
  • Vikings are synonymous with Norway and to appreciate the ancient monuments and the country in general, having a good knowledge about Vikings helps. So read some books on them
  • Norway is a rather costly country and this goes for shopping to. So remember to bring enough camera films and other required items in plenty
  • June to August is supposed to be the tourist season in Norway. Visiting Norway apart from this time is not recommended for tourists who want to have the maximum of Norway
  • Shaking hands on meeting someone in Norway is a great idea and is considered the proper etiquette
  • As a final tip, do learn a few words in the Norwegian language like ‘Takk for maten’ which means ‘thank you’.


So follow these simple Norway Travel tips and have a great vacation in Norway. And be sure to reserve your hotels early

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