Non-Airline Travel Rewards

The Truth about Non-Airlines Travel Rewards Credit Cards..

People who travel frequently like to use credit cards issued directly by airline companies because they believe the rewards they will receive for frequent travel – and use of the cards – will be significant. There is some truth to that There are other cards that provide rewards for frequent travel, too, and they may be more versatile and useful than the credit cards issued by airlines.

Let’s call these cards Non-Airline Travel Rewards Credit Cards. They are actually quite common and can be found in the wallets or handbags of millions and millions of Americans. In fact, these cards, often issued by American Express or Discover Card, for instance, serve many purposes. They can be used to pay for restaurant meals … for department store or private retail store purchases … for entertainment … and, of course, for travel.

Non Airline Travel Credit Rewards If you don’t like to carry lots of credit cards, it may be a good idea for you to apply for one of these credit cards and, when you get it, use the card for shopping, dining, entertainment … and to travel all over America … overseas, as well. When you do this, you will not need the “extra” card issued directly by an airline to enjoy travel discounts or even free travel.

The right non-airlines travel rewards credit card will provide you with very similar, or even the same, benefits as credit cards issued by airlines. However, all non-airlines travel rewards credit cards are not alike. And that is something you need to remember when you start shopping for one of these cards.

It should come as no revelation to you that the best non-airline travel rewards credit card that you can get will have, for instance, the lowest possible interest rate on purchases and on travel … and on the use of ATM machines, too. Penalties for late payment may be smaller or, in some cases, the issuing bank may be so lenient that it charges very few penalties.
Annual membership fees are another thing you can look at when you search for a new a non-airline travel rewards credit card. In many cases, the issuing bank waives the fee completely. The bank that does that and the card it issues should be at or near the top of your list.

If you’ve ever applied for a credit card before, you surely know all of these things. It’s still worth mentioning because it’s so easy to choose a card for the wrong reasons and not get the best deal that you can possibly get.

Here is something else to consider when you opt for a non-airline travel rewards credit card. Many of these cards place restrictions on the free travel you can enjoy. In other words, you will be entitled to accumulate only enough points for free travel that will enable you to “fly free” domestically. You will never be able to get enough points to “cross the Atlantic.”

No matter. This is still a very good deal, especially if you travel frequently. Take full advantage of it. Start searching for the best non-airline travel rewards credit card today. You’ll find that there are many great choices.

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