Southwest Airlines Credit Card Review


Southwest Airline’s new credit card program called Southwest Airlines Rewards Plus Credit Card offers a variety of rewards. The airline has partnered with JPMorgan Chase to bring its customers opportunities for free airline tickets, free hotel rooms, travel-related discounts, and many more rewards. This credit card is perfect for those who travel frequently.

Generous Reward Points Program

Although it would be simpler and more straight-forward to give flyer miles to card members, Southwest has decided to use a reward points system. It’s confusing, because the points equate into dollars differently, depending upon how points are spent. Southwest redeems points at various points per dollar rates, depending upon the specific offer. For the most part, one point is equal to one dollar charged on the credit card.

Bonus Points

Probably the best aspect of Southwest’s credit card is its bonus points opportunities. Southwest customers earn 25,000 bonus points after their first purchase using the credit card. This is enough for a free round-trip flight to one of over 70 destinations offered by Southwest. For those already planning on traveling soon, this may come in handy. Also, members earn 3,000 bonus points on the anniversary of their enrollment.


Despite being a little bit confusing in its reward points system, Southwest does offer a good amount of flexibility to card members. There are no blackout dates, which means that members can redeem rewards points for flights on any date, including holidays. Also, members do not have to use points on Southwest flights. The points are redeemable at more than 50 airlines worldwide. Additionally, the points never expire and there is no limit on redeemable free flights.

Redeem for Other Travel Expenses

Along with free flights, card members can use their points for a variety of other items and services related to travel. Some of these include car rentals and hotel lodging. This may be helpful if one has already bought airline tickets for an upcoming vacation, but are still looking to save money on expenses while having fun. Remember, only one purchase is needed to automatically receive 25,000 bonus points. These points are redeemable for cruises, as well as, store gift cards.

Fees and Interest Rates

One of the least appealing aspects of the Southwest Airlines Rewards Plus Credit Card is the high interest rates and fees. There is no introductory rate on purchases or balance transfers, which is quite a disappointment. Many competitors routinely offer no interest or low interest introductory rates. Additionally, Southwest charges an annual fee of $69, which is significant for those who do not fly frequently.

Despite a few drawbacks, the Southwest Airlines Rewards Plus Credit Card has much to offer. The bonus point offers may balance things out for those traveling often. However, for those that do not fly frequently, it would not make sense to apply for this card. Most of the rewards offered are travel-related products and services, which makes this credit card ideal for frequent flyers, especially on Southwest Airlines.

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